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Oct 30, 2000 08:21 AM

Franklin Cafe

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I've been three times now and absolutley spectacular each and every time. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), it can be a smoke filled place b/c its a bar as well, and can get very crowded with a wait for tables during peak hours. BUT: its well priced (apps $6-7 and entrees $13-17, no dessert) and incredibly delicious. Their salads are generally rich and interesting (last night I had iceberg lettuce with sugar beets, bacon, blue cheese and buttermilk biscuits with carmelized onions; another time a baby spinach salad with warm gorgonzola dressing and little piles of pancetta and warmed thinly sliced red onion). Entrees range from their famous meatloaf with fig sauce and chive mash, to braied lamb stuffed cabbage with pumpkin puree and roasted pumpkin seed oil to rare tuna with baby bok choy and black rice.
Highly recommended for hearty, delicious innovative food if you can stand the wait and the smoke. Excellent, friendly service.

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  1. First, a disclaimer: Mo who is co-owner is a friend of mine. However, I have a lot of friends in the restaurant business and quite a few of them are at restaurants I would never recommend.

    The Tuna Carpaccio, which is served only as a special, is one of the most divine dishes ever. EVER.

    1. Sounds intriguing. Where is the Franklin Cafe?