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Oct 26, 2000 02:02 PM

restaurants in Salem

  • j

I'm going to Salem for the Halloween festival and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for low- to moderately priced restaurants in Salem?

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  1. If you like Japanese food, try Asahi at 21 Congress St. (Pickering Wharf area but on a side street). Good sushi. I like the shumai, oshitashi, and age dashi appetizers. Seafood entrees are fresh and good.

    There are also yummy sweet bakery treats at Coffee Time, 96 Bridge St. (Rte. 1A toward Beverly).

    If you want Italian, cross the bridge into Beverly, bear right onto Cabot St. (still 1A), and look for Bella Venezia on your left (blue & white striped awnings). Get anything at all on their menu -- I've never had a non-delicious meal there.

    For New England-style seafood, take Rte. 114 into Marblehead. You'll find yourself on Pleasant St. From there, take a left onto Washington and a right onto State. You can either eat at the Sail Loft on State, or continue to Front St., take a left and go almost to the end, where you'll find the Barnacle on your right. You can go walking afterward in Fort Sewall Park and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks.