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Oct 25, 2000 11:37 PM


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THE CLAM BOX. Susan & I ate here on our way to Maine. We both had the Fisherman's Platter, a real grab bag of seafood. The shrimp was very good, the scallops were excellent, the fish was OK but the clams FABULOUS. Cole slaw and onion rings were both excellent. The serving was 2-3x what we wanted. There was a crowded but very nice, very clean inside dining room (self-service). If there are two of you, one should go to the DR right away to grab a table. There are also outside tables. Afterwards, if you have room, drive 1 mile W to the WHITE FARM SANDWICH SHOP and have some great ice cream. Incidentally, a local informant told us THE CHOATE BRIDGE PUB has seafood just as good as the Clam Shack. The Clam Shack is on Rt 133/1A apx 1/2 mile N of Ipswich center.

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  1. A lot of folks swear by the clam shack, and there's no question that they serve a mean clam. I find them a bit saltier than I like, though. Woodman's in Essex is definitely my preferred source.

    1. If you find yourself in Ipswich and NOT in the mood for good ol' New England fried seafood (sacrilege, I know, but I must admit it does happen to us locals on occasion), go to Ithaki. They're serving gourmet Greek cuisine and wines, and doing a great job of it, too.