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Oct 20, 2000 11:53 AM

Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere, MA

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After having lived in the Boston area for almost 28 years, I finally made it up to Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere a couple of weeks ago. In general, I was not much impressed.

I had the much-vaunted fish and chips. The fish was quite fresh, but I found both it and the "chips" too much on the oily side. Same for the accompanying onion rings. I also prefer a thinner batter.

My "gold standard" for this kind of fare is Captain Frosty's in Dennis, MA (Cape Cod), and my standard for measuring THEM is fish I have caught and cooked myself. The good Cap'n does quite the job!

at Kelly's, my friend had a small roast beef sandwich and a lobster roll. The roast beef looked tasty enough, but did not appear to be what you'd call a lean cut. The lobster roll was _enormous_, even for the $15 it cost. I would have to say that even if you cooked your own lobster and made a roll of it, you wouldn't be saving too much in the way of $$ over this huge portion!

Good points: Fresh fish, large portions of everything, can take a walk on the beach before or after, near Suffolk Downs race track (NOT a good place for food!). Plenty of local color.

Bad points: No indoor dining, fast-food-type service, presentation, and appearance of food. Fried items were too oily.

Worth the trip? Well, it _was_ better than "eating" at Suffolk Downs. If you're up Revere way, might as well check out the place.

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  1. I had high hopes for this place. But on two recent visits, I found the roast beef to be less than mediocre. The beef itself was rather bland and they never give you enough sauce to cover the entire sandwich.

    The fried scallops and whole clams were okay but not spectacular.

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    1. re: Leo
      scott mccarrick

      HI I GREW UP IN EVERETT AND WENT TO KELLYS ALL THE TIME THE R BEEF WAS NEVER THAT GOOD if you want a good beef sandwich the place to go is mikes roastbeef in everett on rt 99 right after you come out of sommerville

      1. re: scott mccarrick

        Just went to try it. It's much better than Kelly's.

        1. re: Leo
          scott mccarrick

          glad i could help

          1. re: scott mccarrick
            andrew o'malley

            you are so on the money. kelly's sucks. mike's roast beef rocks. kelly's may have been good at one time, but they have become a chain, and those of us in new england know what the food is like at chains. go to mike's and you'll never go back to kelly's - guaranteed

            1. re: andrew o'malley

              yeh i grew up in everett been going to mikes,kellys,beachmont roastbeef,forever and mikes is the best. i think it got even better since they moved

              1. re: scott

                I grew up in the Boston area...just moved out West and would KILL for a Mike's roast beef! You gotta be a sucka to try anotha!

        2. re: scott mccarrick

          Okay now, are you just saying that because you own Mike's or is this the truth???

          1. re: bill

            good question, Bill.

            Scott's posted a few good messages since then, but never approaching the intensity of that one. We have no reason to doubt him....though we're real good at tracking down and eliminating "shill" posts (we work hard at it).

            But a tiny handful do get through, and that's why it's good to have a lot of voices in the mix, for balance. If someone knows both these beef joints and thinks Scott's out of line...say so! And if anyone reading along wants to go along or dissent...chime in!

            If several people who've proved their chow worthiness and impartiality (through long and able posting) reach consensus on something, that's a LOT more persuasive than just one errant post. So the trick is to take one errant post with a grain of salt.

            Best idea of all, why not go tomorrow to both these joints and report back for us (in detail)? Now THAT would be the chowhound spirit!

            And if Scott's roast beef opinions turn out to be on the money, earn his forgiveness (for ever doubting him!) by spilling all your favorite secret places for him to try (and please let us read along!).


            1. re: bill

              no i dont own it but i get there at least once a week try it you love it

          2. re: Leo

            What about good fried clams?! Does anyone know where they are hiding? Thanks...

            1. re: kipper

              try mikes i love thier fried clams nice and small and o so tender

          3. Kelly's has joined the ever-growing list of "USTABES". There was a time when the roast beef, fried clams etc. was well worth the ride……NO MORE!. You should not have waited 20 years. If you are in that area go a little further up the beach to Bianchi's for a slice. When they are "on", they have the best slice in Boston. Unfortunately, they have not been "on" all that much lately.


            1. The $15 lobster roll is the only thing on the menu that is any good at all. The fried food captures the market on grease.

              Only in the Boston area would this "institution" survive.

              1. k
                Kellys Roast beef sandwich lover

                I travel to Boston every once in a while and every time that I do I make it a POINT to stop in to Kellys. They have the best roast beef sandwichs around, and trust me......I have traveled far and wide. They are unbeatable!! Way to go Kellys!!!!

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                1. re: Kellys Roast beef sandwich lover

                  if you want a truly great roast beef go to mikes in everett on rt 99 towards boston it blows kelleys away

                  1. re: Kellys Roast beef sandwich lover


                  2. as for your gold standard. Captian Frosty's uses two cans of sysco chowdah and some milk. The most dificult part of their recipie is when they try not to burn it.