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Oct 20, 2000 08:59 AM


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Has anyone been to this new place called STARS on Hungtinton Ave in the Northeastern area? It looks really interesting, and they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If anyone has gone, please post. I will check it out soon and report.

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  1. So I went to Stars and it was pretty good. Service was slow as hell, but that's likely a product of being new. Nice space, very sleek decor. Serves haute-diner food, moderately priced. Apps include things like french fries with cheese, nachos, salads, etc. Entrees include sandwiches, standard entrees (pork, pasta, etc) and delicious burgers. I know it doesn't sound al that chowhound-ish, but its actually a very nice, pleasant retro-modern space with hearty food. This area desperately needed a place, and Stars fills the void. I'd go back when in the mood for something casual but without the greasiness of a diner or the generic-ness of one of the chains.