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Oct 19, 2000 06:49 PM

Seeking foie gras

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Where in the Boston area (or western 'burbs) can I purchase raw foie gras to cook at home?

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  1. Have you tried Savenor's on Charles Street in Boston? They specialize in gourmet meats.

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    1. re: Christine
      Matthew Girard

      Do you have a spare bath tub?

      Where is your stance on "animal rights" ?

      These are the first two issues to face in order to get truly beutiful foie gras.

      A nice little goose is more affordable than you would imagine. Check out Mc Murray Hatchery's web site.

      Once you get the little bugger tied, restrained and slip the stainless steel feeding tube down his/hers throat its just a matter of stuffing that corn down.

      When it dies its ready!!

      I suggest that you get yourself a good butcher who is adept at liver extraction.

      Saute quick, deglaze with a bit of port, demi glace and butter it out.

      DO NOT forget the brioche!!!

      War sustainable agriculture,


      P.S.I do eat goose or duck liver every chance I get.
      I just refuse to pay alot for it.

    2. The huge Star Market in Allston has an exotic meat section; I think they may have it frozen there.

      1. Virtually everything they sell is very, very good. They are pretty nice as well.

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          Janet Repucci

          I attended an outstanding and delicious seminar/dinner on fois gras in NYC this spring at Alliance Francaise. Afterward, I looked for fresh fois gras everywhere in Boston's western burbs. No luck. Bread and Circus claims to distribute for D'Artagnan, but I've not yet been able to purchase it there. You're best off ordering the real thing at Don't mean to sound like a salesman for D'Artagnan, but Ariane Daguin really knows fois gras! OUTSTANDING!


          1. Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge often has Foie Gras.