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Oct 7, 2000 10:29 AM


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My last attempt was unsuccessful, so I thought I would try again. Looking for a midday lunch/dinner recommendation on Sunday in Worcester. I know about Sole Proprietor and Chop House, does anybody have some other suggestions.


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  1. There is a very good Indian restaurant on Park Ave, whose name I forget. I posted on this a year or so ago, so it will probably come up if you do a Worcester search. My favorite dish there was the paneer pakora appetizer (fresh cheese stuffed with ginger chili and cilantro and fried in a chick pea flour batter) but much of what the do is well -prepared. There are also some south american and Vietnamese restaurants in the same vicinity.

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      House of India at 439 Park Ave

      The thread is on the "New England" message board, and is called "Good Indian in Worcester, of all places"