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Sep 30, 2000 10:52 PM

Quark Cheese

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My wife and I live in Manchester, NH. She is German, and would love to be able to purchase Quark Cheese.
Does anyone know where this product can be purchased locally (i.e. the Boston Area?).

Thanks Alot

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    Melanie Wong

    Can't help you locally, but if all else fails, you can order from a tiny organic dairy in Calif., Straus Family Creamery. Link below.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Also, Cowgirl Creamery in Pt. Reyes Station makes a nonfat quark that's very tasty.

      1. re: Tom Hilton
        Melanie Wong

        Yes, Cowgirl and Straus are partners in quark production.

    2. The Vermont Butter and Cheese Company makes quark. It is sold in Connecticut at Whole Foods Markets which should also be in the Boston area. Also, the company has a web page which might have more info on where else to find the product.

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      1. re: rjka

        Whole Foods Markets in the Boston area go under the Bread and Circus name.

        1. re: rjka

          The Vermont Butter and Cheese Company's URL is below. The site includes a list of outlets by state. In Manchester: A.Market Natural Foods, 125 Loring St., 603-668-8445.

          In the Boston area, Formaggio Kitchen and Cheese Cave, 244 Huron Ave., Cambridge, 617-354-4750, is a good bet.

          Good luck.