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Sep 30, 2000 07:36 PM

Reporting two "new" places: have you been to anything new?

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Just wanted to let everyone know about 2 places I tried this weekend (low-key):
1. Flour - Joanne Cheng (former pastry chef at Rialto, then moved to NY and worked with Daniel Boulud for a bit and has returned) opened this bakery-cafe five days ago. She's a gifted baker. Delicious breakfast offerings (in the forms of brioche, scones, yeasty doughed items) and pastry, coffee, and a variety of daily specials. I like the painted-on chalkboard walls. I'm fond of Joanne so I hope this place does well.
2. Emma's - pizza joint. DE-EEEEEE-LICIOUS!!! I had a pizza of goat cheese, sweet potato, baby spinach and caramelized onions that was wonderful. Prior to that, we shared a pressed sandwich of a farmhouse cheddar with apples and caramelized maple bacon. Limited menu, only 40 seats, and so good. The single dessert, however, is vile - its called 'lemon fluff' and is simply meringue with lemon zest, sugar and a dollop of raspberry sauce, blech - and kind of insulting.
Anything new for anyone to report on?

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  1. Locations please?

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    1. re: Susan Paris

      Hello Susan

      I'd suggest you try, per Jim's oft-stated suggestion, You can use it to look up addresses and phone numbers. It's fast and works quite well. Actually, it's even faster than taking the time to post an address inquiry here. Try it, I think you'll like it!



      1. re: Susan Paris

        Sorry - here are the locations:
        FLOUR is in the South End on Washington Street several blocks off Mass Ave going toward downtown). Its one the first floor of one of the new buildings.

        EMMA'S is in Kendall Square several blocks (walking distance) from the KendalL Cinema on what I think is Broadway, but I'm not sure - you'd have to call to confirm. If walking from the Cinema, make a right and then a left, walk two blocks to the big avenue and its right there, can't miss it.


      2. There's also a website for Flour -- see link below