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Sep 22, 2000 08:21 AM

Silks, in Tyngsboro for birthday celebration

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I have heard wonderful things about this restaurant, has anyone been?

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  1. Went to Silks this weekend. Definitely a place for special celebrations, the Tasting Menu was a particularly good deal, but the wine list (over 20 pp long, with some bottles at $3,000.00!!!!!) can be intimidating. Stick with the California wines, there are several relatively good value Pinot Noirs.

    1. The atmosphere is very romantic...went there in mid-September for a birthday celebration. Service is near is presented beautifully. Food tastes pretty good...very small portions and entrees are lukewarmish (temperature wise). Excellent and extensive wine list. Dinner for two (with 1 cocktail, 1 glass of wine,and 1 brandy per person) with gratuity cost $240...pricey for small food but the atmosphere is worth the price.