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Sep 14, 2000 02:17 PM

Little India, Moody St., Waltham

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Bad news, hounds.

Went to Little India, on Moody Street in Waltham last night. This has been a perennial favorite of my family's, but last night, the service was very slow, the food was too creamy and not very flavorful, and we didn't recognize any of the previous waitstaff (who were famously friendly). We wonder if they've undergone a recent change of ownership.


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  1. The best Indian food in Waltham is at Bombay Mahal, also on moody.

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      I was at Little India with a friend just last night. Justin, you must have hit an off-night that time. We had the vegetarian appetizer platter, which was an assortment of tasty fried things, and I ordered the shrimp korma, which was absolutely delicious. It *was* very creamy, but I liked it that way, as it meant lots and lots of yummy sauce for spooning over one's rice and dipping one's nan into. I wouldn't characterize the waitstaff as particularly friendly, but they were courteous and cheerful, in a subdued sort of way. And the service was unexpectedly fast.

      I wonder where they get those beautiful copper serving dishes.

      I've been to Bombay Mahal too, and I would recommend either place to chowhounds. I'll be looking for opportunities to revisit both.