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Sep 14, 2000 01:07 PM


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Hi all. Does anyone know of any good restaurants in/near Roxbury? I've ventured to the Fenway and ate at El Pelon, which was worth the trip, and Star Anise (a quasi-Asian restaurant) on Huntington (I think) was okay. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I didn't see any replies to your question, did I miss something? This is my first time posting here, hopefully I'm not screwing up. Anyway, I think Bob the Chef's on Columbus Ave. just pass Mass Ave. is a good place. Can't think of anything else in Roxbury proper at the moment, but if you're gonna travel to the Fenway (where I'd also suggest Brown Sugar, Sorrento's, Canistraro's and the Linwood BBQ), you might as well go in the other direction to the zillions of good places in the South End. And people seem to like that Betty's Wok and Noodle place on Huntington Ave. across from Symphony.


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      Joanie--thanks for pitching in (and welcome)! Sometimes a question sits out there, waiting for someone familiar with one particular corner of the world to chime in. I'm really glad you did! Lots of your fellow chowhounds (tens of thousands, perhaps) will refer to your message over time and eat better for your having taken the trouble to advise.

      Often when I meet lurkers, they tell me they're too intimidated to post because of all the knowledge out there. But everybody's an expert on at least one block! I'd actually prefer it if we had a bit more of this "zone defense" action. There are enough of us to make it work.

      We'll always have monster threads about Babbo and such, and that's cool, but its this sort of locally specific strategy question that's the heart and soul of the site.


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        Another Lurker

        What's a Babbo? Is that "the" place in Boston?

        Speaking of monster threads, what's this "Kozy Shack" all about? I've asked at 8 supermarkets now -- 3 of them Asian -- and noone's ever heard of it. Let alone confirming that it's the hottest thing in the US since sliced bread.

        Or is it just a NY thing? Does the store selling them do mail order?

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          Re: Babbo: It's in NYC. I think the Boston restaurant you have in mind is Biba.

          Re: Kozy Shack: the company makes single serving puddings that are sold in New England in some Stop and Shop stores, among others. I found it with the refrigerated puddings next to the quart cartons of orange juice---but it may be shelved differently by other markets. Chowhounds seem to prefer the rice pudding. I'm not crazy about it---maybe I miss raisins. I haven't tried the others.

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            Another Lurker

            Oh I see, thanks. So in other words Babbo's is NOT in Boston, and Kozy Shack is NOT a "General" topic.'d think Jim could get his posts on the right boards by now.... {;->

            And what does ANY of this have to do with "Roxbury" ???????

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            Babbo's a very popular Italian restuarant in Manhattan, and Kozy Shack rice pudding (a surprisingly delicious and wholesome mass market product) is available in supermarket dairy cases all over...keep looking! or try their website, at link below:


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            So this is where I live, and I sm sad to report slim pickings. Betty's Noodle and Wok Diner is yummy and the onion rings come with this SUBLIME smokey-appley-roasted tomato dipping sauce, mmmm! Also try the cuban slaw. Star Anise is on the awful side in my opinion, but maybe you had something decent there. My suggestion (if you don't head to the south end or symphony area, and get bored witht the 4 restaurantst that are attached to each other on one block in the Fenway as aforementioned) is to walk down Huntington to where it becomes Route 9. There you have Skipjacks for seafood, Bertuccis for pizza, and (the best) New England Soup Factory for the delicious soups (10 a day) and great salads/sandwiches. This area is SORELY missing a decent place. The last attempt - Carlito's - closed and a pub is replacing it.

        2. There's a great sould food restaurant in Dudley Square(I believe its called Dudley Soul Food) If you continue your explorations--go down Blue Hill Ave into Matappan. Keith's (across from the Mosque in Grove Hall is good) and further down---there's Chef Lee's for soul food, the original Ali's Roti--for roti buffs--and just beyond that..Simco's at the Bridge---up there with Speed's as the best hot dog in Boston.