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Sep 11, 2000 10:41 PM

Birthday Brunch...

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My husband and I will be in Boston for his birthday which falls on a Sunday. Instead of a nice dinner out he has decided he would like brunch. We live in NYC so brunch spots in Cambridge or Boston are unfamiliar to me. I recently read in Travel & Leisure about a place called Harvest? Brunch runs about 58.00 p/p which will do. Anyone heard of it? Any good? Anything better? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've never been to Harvest, but since you are ready to splurge for your man's birthday (some men should be so lucky) I'd recommend the Sunday brunches at the Charles Hotel and the Rowes Wharf. Both are buffet style with multiple stations, including omlettes, bagels, fruits, meats, fish, etc. Both offer everything you'd want for brunch and often with some nice twists like: white-chocolate-hazelnut creme brulee (Charles) or fresh, *smoked* corned beef hash (Rowes). They also each have obligatory fancy flairs like aspargus at the omlette station or watercress for the bagels.

    The Rowes has a nice view of the harbor, while the Charles has a nice view of the river and the city.

    Regardless of which of these three you choose, you can't really go wrong (though I've never been to Harvest). I can pretty much guarantee you'll have a wonderful Sunday brunch in Boston.


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      Another Sunday brunch fave is the Blue Room in Cambridge. It's just as Sundya brunch in a restaurant should be, which is to sya everything is better than you've ever had at home, and there is an absurd amount of it all. Otherwise, I second the Rowes-Wharf call for mood and quality.

    2. Harvest is a good choice. You will find everything you want in a brunch and more.

      1. So how was your brunch at Harvest and was it worth the $58 ?

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          Just an FYI, you are responding to a post that is 10 years old!