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Sep 9, 2000 08:50 AM

Boston restaurants

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Coming to Boston to bring son to college. Does anyone have any ideas for restaurants near Northeastern that are good and won't break to bank?

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    stephen kaye

    not inexpensive, are hammersly's, la bettola. a real pasta joint /bar on colmbus ave called anchovies, is cheap nexpensive, bg portions etc

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      Sorry to say but la bettola is closed!

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        This is a great pizza/pasta joint, very cheap, and open late!

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            Would you guys stop shouting? We can hear you...(Turn your capslock OFF!)

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          Seth Ditchik

          The Linwood BBQ on Queensbury and Kilmarnock in the Fenway is not far from NU; they serve good, higher-end (i.e. no styrofoam plates) BBQ in a pleasant setting. They also usually have fish. They have a parking lot in the back.

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            "higher-end (i.e. no styrofoam plates) BBQ"

            Wait, I always thought "higher-end" BBQ means there's soap in the rest room.

            "No styrofoam plates" is downright SWANK.

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              > "No styrofoam plates" is downright SWANK.

              Yeah, ANY kind of plate is high-end to me. BBQ is supposed to be handed to you on a STICK!!

          2. Linwood is a good call. La Bettola is closed, but in it's place is a moderately priced place ($14-$18 for entrees) called South End Galleria, which serves Italian food that's worldly but still manages a little Old World Soul. Highly recommended. Also, somewhat near NE, is Betty's Wok and noodle, a fun but uneven pan-Asian and latino place (weird? yes. uncommon? no, if you consider that there are a lot of Chinese in Cuba). there's also Bob the Chef's for decent Soul Food. And, if you want ot head further into the South End (not far from Northeastern) there's Metropolis Cafe and The Franklin.

            1. Some great suggestions here but I thought I'd add a couple. Brasserie Jo on Huntington Ave. It's not expensive and pretty authentic French brasserie. Also The Squealing Pig on Huntington Ave. has good food at very affordable prices. Mostly pub-style food but some items go beyond that.

              1. The Grill Fish Restaurant on Columbus Ave. (in the same stretch of building as The Castle) is a great place to go for fresh seafood and pasta dishes - the prices are reasonable ($10-18.00 on average),the portions are plentiful, the taste is flavorful, and the atmosphere pleasurable. Dress ranges from suit & tie to jeans & sweatshirt. Service is good as well - I've NEVER had a bad meal there or a GASP when the check was given!! Enjoy!