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Aug 26, 2000 12:59 PM


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We ate at Kingfish last night. It is located in Quincy Market on the waterside end of the South Market. Todd has come up with another great menu. It was a pleasant evening so we decided to sit outside. The wait for the table was about twice as long as inside seating. For appetizers, we ordered a Shake and Bake Calamari and Oyster, Salmon and Parsnip chowder. The Calamari was fair and the chowder was great. The oysters were a little tough but the broth was very flavorful and the parsnips worked very well with the seafood. My wife had the Steamed Salmon with a mint and cucumber (nage?), couscous and mussel hash. The salmon was a little dry especially for steamed. I ordered the Spit Roasted Swordfish with mustard and crab vinaigrette, mashed potatoes and string beans. The swordfish was the best I have tasted in a long time. Cooked to perfection, perfectly moist and great flavor. The have a very unusual wood fired rotisserie, which I was told, is a one of a kind. It is made up of several spits, (10 or 12) which revolve around the pit as they are turning. I have never seen anything similar. We finished with a piece of Boston Cream Pie that was just fair. With two bottles of $28 wine, the bill came to $127 before tip. I am looking forward to returning so I can try some of the other menu offerings.


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  1. > Todd has come up with another great menu...wait for the table was long...calamari was fair...oysters were a little tough...salmon was a little dry...pie was just fair. The bill came to $71, ex-wine. I am looking forward to returning (!).

    Paul...what is the appeal of the place?!! Just the swordfish? Your last line almost sounds sarcastic after a review like that!! You've certainly talked me OUT of the place!

    1. While the ingredients are good I found the food a little heavy handed. The Parker House rolls brought back memories of grade school cafeteria cusine I would just as soon forget.

      I also found the people doing the seating had already developed a herd mentality, as in "let's herd these tourists along Jethro"!