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Aug 16, 2000 04:39 PM

hungry gymnasts gotta eat near Fleet Center

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A few of us are in town this weekend for the Olympic Trials in gymnastics, and need to grab some quick food within walking distance of the Fleet Center. I imagine that the pickins' are as slim as the competitors, but what's the best option for a casual dinner near the arena? Our competitive days are over, so anything goes -- taco truck, sub shop, pizza joint, or even healthy stuff. (Don't worry, we'll also be in other parts of town for better eating over the weekend).

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  1. Hey, Mary...sorry you didn't get any replies. Not sure if it's because the thought of olympic level gymnastics is making the resident hounds feel guilty about their diet/exercise regimes, or that there's just nothing great near the Fleet Center. Hope you nailed the trials, though. And for other stuff in other places around Boston, we have some killing tips on this board. I hope you availed yourself of them!

    If you do go to Salt Lake City, we've got some tips on our SW board and our "Elsewhere in America" board.


    1. as a gymnast myself at age of 15 i would say the pizza place is the best place to stop for a quick meal before the trials
      in a bit
      luv shan