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Aug 8, 2000 04:41 PM

jake & earls reincarnated

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Is Everyone/Anyone As Excited About Last Weeks Announcement That Jake & Earls Is Opening On Moody St
Waltham As I Am?

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  1. Do you know when they open and the address?

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    1. re: tom

      I stopped in the other day. They told me they expect to be open by the end of the month. They are 2 blocks down from Main St. on the left side .....220 Moody St.

      1. re: Paul

        How 'bout filling in us Jake & Earl's illiterates? Waddizit?

        1. re: C. Fox

          it was chris schlesinger's bar b que place in inman sq cambridge, he closed it some years ago to expand his east coast grill, some nights i fall asleep dreaming of the dark brown dry rub on the outside of the ribs and the succulent pink inside smoked to perfection

          1. re: mark rifkin

            Yep, that place was pretty great. I tried to visit it last time I went to Boston and was upset to see it was gone. So, yes, I'm excited about the new one, even though I don't live up there. Thanks for the good word.

            1. re: Chris E.

              Damn, you lucky Bostonians!!! I miss many things about my days in Beantown, but Jake & Earl's is one of the closest to my heart (and stomach). The vinegary pulled pork, the succulent brisket, those ribs!! I never set foot in the East Coast Grill until they cruelly took J & E away from me -- to order their stellar BBQ on a real plate, with all that extraneous non-BBQ stuff, was never the same. I pitied those friends of mine who went to school in Boston during those Jake & Earl-less years (it was, more than any other reason, and S+S, Christina's notwithstanding, THE reason to own a car and schlep to Inman Square). Hoping against hope to find something passably similar here in LA (Dr. Hogly-Wogly's just doesn't compare), but happy for you Bostonians who can now experience true carpetbagger BBQ mastery!

              1. re: mark
                Julia Starkey

                I'm surprised no one has mentioned Redbones in Davis Sq. They have great ribs and pulled pork sandwiches

      2. re: tom
        Boston's Butt-head of BBQ

        the holy grail of BBQ leads us to

        Jake & Earl's Dixie Roadhouse
        220 Moody Street Waltham
        781 894 4BBQ opens Sept. 1