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Jul 31, 2000 10:31 PM

New England Thanksgiving Feast

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While scouting for a good Thanksgiving feast, we found a message posted by a couple in a similar situation last year. Like us, they were planning to visit the Boston Area and were trying to make reservations for a New England Thanksgiving. Plimouth Plantation was already booked when they posted their message; we still have time.

We will be staying in Newport. Is the Plimouth Plantation "feast" worth the trip? Could we do better elsewhere?

We probably wouldn't want to eat what historians tell us the Pilgrims had. What do you recommend for an authentic New England Thanksgiving?

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  1. I,too, am looking for a good place for Thanksgiving - but more in the Boston area. I am not interested in a buffet. I saw good reviews for Henrietta's Table. Is that a sit-down dinner or buffet? How early do you have to reserve? I am trying to avoid the over-booked/over-crowded mass market places. Any other suggestions?

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      It was a buffet last year---which I didn't realize when I booked. I had a broken wrist at the time, and negotiating the line could have been difficult had we arrived later, and had the staff not been so helpful.

      We booked about a week in advance, I think, and maybe had to take an earlier seating than we would have normally chosen. I think it was quite a successful event, so that anyone who wants to go this year should reserve sooner than we did.

      The selection was huge---we couldn't possibly have tried everything, and my focus was more on coping than critiquing---but I think it was a good choice for a relaxed Thanksgiving. I do remember that some of the desserts were not as wonderful as they looked, and that the best of them, appropriately, was the Indian pudding.

    2. It's expensive and VERY popular but you can't get much better than The Rowes Wharf Restaurant at the Boston Harbor Hotel for Thanksgiving. Book now or you won't get in!

      1. Newport to Plymouth is a looong drive, you will spend more time driving round-trip than you will probably spend eating. Newport has many, many restuarants and inns, you might want to start an Internet search.