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Jul 31, 2000 07:45 PM

Trekking from Maine to Boston for LOBSTER!!!

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Hey everyone,

My husband and I are driving from Portland to Boston with Lobster on the brain. We were wondering if anyone could tell us where the good (re: cheap and won't kill us)stuff is. Any help (plus some form of directions from US-1) would be great!

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    Tom Stebbins

    Here's my advice:

    Get yourself a big pot and a method to heat it. There is no need to pay for lobster at a restaurant, when you can easily cook great lobster with meager equipment. Only a few restaurants do lobster in a non-traditional manner (i.e. 'grilled lobster-saffron-risotto with braised arugula reduction') and if you're looking for a true lobster experience, then steamed or boiled is best. You can find great live lobster at hundreds of places around Maine and at J. Hook in downtown Boston. You may even want to try to go to a dock yourself and ask around for the fresh catch without the middleman.

    On this note, has any confirmed the theory about male vs. female lobsters? I've heard that females, which can be identified by smaller flippers on the underside of their tails, are tastier. Has anyone done a taste test?


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      Well, I sort of agree. It's true that lobster you cook yourself will probably be better than anything you'll get in a restaurant (given the same quality lobster to begin with), but at times you might want lobster and might be unable or unwilling to cook it. Thus, you either have someone cook it for you or you wait.

      I rarely even eat lobster any more because from late May through September or so I catch blue crabs. I think they're tastier than lobster and also the softshells can be fried or sauteed.

      Interesting point about the females. Lore has it that female blue crabs also taste sweeter - I'm not sure if it's really true, though. They all taste good to me and the crabs are free for the taking, no license required in MA.