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Jul 30, 2000 09:32 PM

Summer Shack (fresh cut fries?)

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Anybody been? What do you think? I have now been for dinner two times. Our first visit was better than the last. While we waited to be seated, we noticed that the fried food looked dark and overcooked. The fried calamari appetizer we ordered turned out to be excellent. I had my much-anticipated "Pan Roasted Lobster" which I missed at "Jasper's". I would have to say it deserves its reputation. For sides, we did french fries and cold slaw. About a month before the opening, Jasper answered "OF COURSE" when asked if the fries would be "fresh cut". I was pretty focused on the lobster, but did note the texture was unusual for fresh cut. My wife's lobster was hard shell and full of properly cooked meat. The blueberry pie was probably the best ever for me in a restaurant.

Our second visit didn't go quite as well. The star of the evening was the starter "Grilled Littlenecks". Mary ordered the calamari as and entrée. It was not as good this time. I had the fried soft-shell crabs. They came with some of those famous fresh cut fries. I was about half way through the meal when I call the waitress over and asked if they were serving frozen fries. She said the proper potatoes were not available now, but would be in August. I was surprised Jasper wimped out. It will be interesting to see if Jasper's hand will be evident, as time passes.


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  1. where is this wonderous restaurant? I live on cape cod, but am always searching for the perfect lobster.

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      I would recommend trying the "Pan Roasted Lobster", for your first visit. The Shack is located in Cambridge. From the Mass Pike take Rt#128 North to Rt#2 East. At the end of Rt#2 take the Alewife (T) station exit. Go through the station and directly across the street into the Summer Shack parking lot.

      Hope you enjoy!


    2. We go all the time because our business is just down the street. Waitstaff and management very friendly. Food is excellent. Try the wood-grilled lobster. My favorite.