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Jul 28, 2000 04:44 PM

anyone eaten at les zygomates?

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I love French cuisine and have tried quite a few good ones in the area--Maison Robert (consistently fabulous but $$$$!) and Lumiere (limited menu but who cares when everything on it is great! also $$$!) being at the top of my list; chez henri (nicely electic), elephant walk (always reliable), brasserie jo (hit or miss--sometimes fabulous, sometimes not; always with terrible service. stick with the classics here) in the middle; aquitaine being at the bottom (overpriced and pretentious in cuisine and service). Has anyone tried Les Zygomates?

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  1. Les Zygomates is great! They've recently taken over the space next door and it's a bigger room than before. The food is very good and consistent. They book quality jazz bands too! Bon Appetite!

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    1. re: Joel

      We have sadly mixed feelings about Les Zyg. It has wonderful wine and I adore the wine list there, and the service is really quite great. The new space is also very attractive.

      BUT the food just isn't what it once was. We have eaten there several times over the last year -- on busy nights and non-busy nights -- and I have to say that the food just gets less good every time. To be more specific, the entrees are not just as well prepared, and the appetizers, while still good, have less "zing" than they did in the past. Believe me, we don't *want* to feel this way about Les Zyg, but we have come to the conclusion that we won't be going there for a full meal again, anytime soon.

      1. re: Courtney

        Les Zyg is completely over-rated. I have never had a good meal there...but the wine list is good.