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Jul 26, 2000 08:43 PM

italian outside the north end

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my sister and a colleague are in town for a conference the first weekend in august. being from virginia beach, they are anxious for some REAL italian. i'm hesitating about the north end on a saturday night-- too crowded (even without the likely street festival!), questionable value and quality, not to mention the never-ending construction. i'd like to find a place that's authentic, reasonable and accessible on the T.

does anyone know about "vinnie's at night" on broadway in east somerville? i welcome any and all suggestions.


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  1. Try Pappa Razzi 199 Boylston St. (Chestnut Hill Mall, Chestnut Hill), Newton, 527-6600. There's one in Wellesley, too, but I don't know their #. Both are good and have parking. Good veal, nice spaghetti bologanese, nice mushroom stuffed tortellini. Nice caprino salade.

    Marggiano's on Columbus Ave across from Park Plaza (in Boston Theater District). Sorry, don't know their number or exact address. Big, tasty, copious plates in a great "italiano during the 50s" setting.

    Massiminos Cucina Italiana Restaurant
    207 Endicott Street, Boston, MA 02113
    (617) 523-5959
    Very nice. Parking's a pain but worth the hassle if you're willing to go to the trouble.

    1. Don't be too afraid of the North End. Can it be a trap? Oh yeah. but there are some finds.

      In the North End:

      Marcuccio's: Interesting reconciliation of modern technical flair and Old World Italian tastes. Tasting menu (think it's like 5 courses and 5 glasses of wine for $60) s an incredible deal. Real original roasts, fish, and apps. Chef's name is Charles Draghi.

      Bricco: Cal-Ital, they call it, very respectful of regional Italian food, and the chef is a Napa product so market thinking is evident. Serves wood-fired entrees, real ncie pastas, and a selection of Venetian-style small plates.

      Out of North End:

      Vinny's at night: Southern Italian red-sauce, northern style roasts, crazy anitpasti. Beautiful abundance. But not quite the same since they curbed the BYOB.

      South End Galleria: Not as traditional as their now-closed-for-summer Galleria Italiana, but the thoguht and feel is still there. Contemporary touches like crab meatballs with fettucelle and lobster sauce. Amazing veggie cavatelli with mushroom ragu.

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        thanks for the info on vinny's. it's not the food i'm afraid of in the north end, it's the logistics. it will be a saturday night with a street festival, and few resturants take reservations.

        i live in somerville and have been looking for an occasion to get to vinny's. when i called to find out if they took reservations and credit cards (yes to both) they told me that they expect to be issued a beer and wine permit in the early fall. i think the city started enforcing no byob when capuano got ellected to congress and dorothy kelly gay took over as mayor.