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Jul 17, 2000 12:43 PM

freedom trail

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Going to be walking the freedom trail this weekend with two adults, a three, five, and eleven year old. Any suggestions for a chowhound lunch that everyone would dig?


The Hound dog

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  1. If it's open on the weekends, well worth going by Galleria Umberto in the North End. Rustic Southern Italian spread. They close when it's gone. On Hanover Street. If you want a five minute detour, cross towards Aquarium near the North end and go to the boulangerie at Sel de la Terre. Some of the best breads and pastries in the city, real croissants, all 970-something layers, even one with pork confit, breads, cheeses, sandwiches, soups.

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      dont forget the perennial, durgin park. It made a big impression on me as a kid on vacation (in those days I ate the hot dogs and baked beans and cornbread), and I still enjoy it very much.

    2. How 'bout Pizzaria Regina in the North End? Still the best pizza around. If you want more than pizza, try ARTU in the North End.