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Jul 16, 2000 06:49 PM

Takeout behind Biba

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Having just discovered this wonderful site, today is my day to ask for help in getting the names of some food places I loved while living in Boston/Brookline. I already posted a note about the Japanese Bakery (see French pastries) on Becaon Street in Brookline.

For awhile I worked near the theatre district and nearly everyday in good weather, got a sandwich from a takeout that was behind Biba's and attached to another restaurant (that restaurant had one of those one-word Italian titles, maybe Pignoli?). The sandwiches came in a pita-shaped bread that didn't taste at all like pita. I wish I knew what the bread was called, it was chewy and salty, and wish I had a recipe for it and for my favorite filling, the egg salad. Can anyone help with the name of this takeout? When friends are heading to Boston I love to tell them to check out places I liked....

Looking at past postings, I was astounded to see that Moevenpick (is it Movenpick in US?) had come to Boston?! Wow--I remember the first time I went and it was so confusing with all the stations. However, once you knew what you liked there, it was simple. Just get all the cold things first!

I lived in Europe for a number of years and we always liked going there--it reminded us more of America for some reason, plus it was so reasonable. Finally, the Moevenpick ice cream had an American-like texture. Shades of home!

Just yesterday I said to someone, isn't it funny how certain dishes and meals stand out in your mind years and years later. For me it seems to be single items: I remember to this day the taste of a Rebecca Ruth "Kentucky Colonel"(hand dipped chocolates with a Kentucky Bourbon center), the almond cakes in a candy shop in Maastricht and a tomato soup with green peppercorns at the Golden Apple in Aachen (and I never found it onthe menu again in spite of many trips there). I don't know why these things, just like that egg salad sandwich, stand out in memory.

It is nice to have found this site today! It makes me homesick for Boston, though. I belong on the midwest site now. Lee

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  1. Sounds like you're talking about the LMNOP bakery, which was owned by Pignoli (and Lydia Shire) I work right across the street. They had a fire or something earlier this year (LMNOP, not Pignoli) and although they talked about remodeling, nothing has happened.

    That was the best place for sandwiches around here. Especially the Grilled MOP, Eggplant, roasted peppers and fresh mozzerlla on grilled country bread, served with homemade sweet potato chips...ah...

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      Julie, thank you for that information--I had no idea it was called LMNOP--but you got the right place, I know because of those great sweet potato chips that accompanied the sandwiches. Do you know wnything about those pita-like breads she used? Thanks, Lee

      1. re: Lee

        Don't know anything about those delicious breads except that they baked them there, for the bakery and the restaurant. If I hear that they've re-opened, I'll let you know!

        1. re: Julie

          the space has been converted to a private dining room!