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Jul 14, 2000 10:25 PM

french bakeries in boston area

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would love to find a fine french bakery in the boston area before my time is up. Thought I had suceeded in hingham but it had closed. I am talking sweet goods here, classic and pedal to the metal bad. I used to drive to Iggys in watertown from cape cod for my bread before I found same at bread&circuses & star markets closer to home. this is not a drill. thanks in advance

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  1. not a french bakery per se, but for KILLER desserts and a huge selections of fine teas to wash them down, try "tea tray in the sky" 1796 mass ave in cambridge (between harvard and porter squares) 617.492.8327

    1. French bakeries are few and far between here. Vanille on Charles Street, Beacon Hill, is good, but not as devilly delicious as it should be.

      For a real treat, as good as any in the country, and original at that, try Hi-Rise Bakeryn on Huron Ave. in Cambridge. Owned by a baker named Rene Becker, who's last career was as Boston Magazine's food critic. He's one of the few bakers in America who focuses on native and regional specialties, and he takes the time to re-make them with drop-dead ingredients, in oversize portions, with just enough twists to make them out of ordinary-baker reach. The breads are also magnificent, from yeasted corn bread, to NE Brown bread with dried blueberries, to killer olive bread. For sweets, try his version of oreos, the pies, and the vanilla bean loaf cake. If you want ot linger, it's got a liunge-and-paper-read kinda set up.

      1. thank you both for your suggestions. This is why this page is so much fun. I will shortly follow up on your recomendations. If you do not hear from me again, it will probably be because I have fallen in my quest. I have instructed my exceutors to invite you both to a memorial service followed by a coffee/desert hour you will always remember. If you really want to see a wonderful web site re. this pls check out in NYC..

        1. Left Boston in 1995,and don't know if this bakery still exists, and what is more, I don't remember it's name. But I can tell you exactly how to get there. It is on Beacon St. in Brookline, just across the Boston line. Going outbound on C line, get off at the very first stop in Brookline when you emerge from the tunnel into the light. On the north side of the street there is a Japanese bakery with wonderful pastries, sandwiches and a fabulous "cream" bread. Everything is soooo refined and exquisite to look at too. Makes me miss my Boston days. Hope this bakery is still there and if anyone knows the name and if it IS there, please post back! Leann

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            both bakeries are still there. the french one is called "savoy"; the other, "japonaise".

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              Thank you SO much for the name Japonaise. The savoy was across the street, wasn't it? I'd forgotten about it. Lee