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Jul 13, 2000 01:46 PM

Mind-blowing pan-Asian buffet

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Left Lowell two years ago and the only thing I miss is the Southeast Asian's incredible lunch buffet. Is it still there? Cause I'm coming to NH and honestly it would be worth a drive down.

Asian food fans, if you're not aware of this place, pray it's open and check it out for lunch. Little place a block or so from City Hall, downtown Lowell (343 Market, 978-452-3182 according to Web directory).

Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Laotian all on one buffet, 10-12 dishes plus rice, soup, pad thai, soft and fried spring rolls. I remember most fondly the minced chicken with basil; a brutal, beautiful beef and green beans; totally comforting chicken in masman curry with potatoes, etc. Super little crispy pork dumplings.

Lots of tech types from Rt. 128 and Chelmsford were there for lunch, judging from the shirts.

Please, please tell me it's still there.

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  1. It's still there; hours 11-3 M-S. I guess they're open nights and Sundays, but no buffet. I drove two hours last week to give it a try, based on your enthusiasm. I would say that it was rather good, but I'm not quite sure about "mind-blowing".

    If I were within 30-45 minutes of the place, I might try it again. Not worth an hour or more's drive, though (as compared to some places I know which would be).

    There's also a similar restaurant ("The Thai-Viet" I think) right behind the Southeast Asian, advertising a buffet. When I went in there (mistakenly thinking it to be the one you meant) they said they no longer do a buffet. Too bad, I might have invested the drive to give that one a try as well.

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      I'm sorry you drove two hours only to be disappointed.

      I'm curious, where are these other restaurants that would be worth such a drive? I'll put them on my map.