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Jul 12, 2000 04:59 PM

Dinner in Boston/Wellesley

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We're visiting Boston this weekend and want to take our daughter and her boyfriend out for dinner. Blue Ginger is booked until the next coming - what are the other interesting places in the Boston/Wellesley area? I'm looking for restaurants unique to the Boston area (i.e., Barcode). We have all the boring, overpriced chains here at home (Mortons, Palm, PF Chang).

Also looking for good fried clams, chowda, etc (NOT Legal Seafood) in Boston.

Any good Sunday brunch places?


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  1. Don't be fooled: Blue Ginger opens at 5:30 and you can easily get a seat, at least during the week, with the expectation that you'll be done by 7:00 when the parties with reservations come in. Their policy is to assure even walk-ins a sitting eventually; you may just have to wait three hours, but the food is great...

    1. Don't worry about Blue Ginger. Food excels, but the hype is definitely fuleled by the TV Food-network. Want a killer meal in the suburbs? Try to get into Lumiere, in West Newton. The chef, Michael Leviton is a local boy trained at Le Cirque, Le Bernardin, and SF's Square One. His food is precise and well-crafted in the French tradition, but also intensified by some global intrusions. In the city, the Blue Room is always a great pound-for-pound choice. Chef Stev Johnson's a real local treasure and you get all the accoutrements of fine dining -- the servic,e the balloon glasses, the wexecution -- with an entree pricepoint of about $16-$18.

      Seafood? For something local and creative, try Todd English's brand-new Kingfish Hall. Quite on for a place that's two weeks old. For a rollicking good time, the Barking Crab (views of the city, lobster rolls, fried clams) or No Name (no views of the city, more sailor-bar shadiness).

      Brunch. Hit the South End. Claremont Cafe's sidewalk dining is legendary. Bob the Chef's live jazz and buffet combo is a must for eating ribs, fried chicken, grits, eggs, and bacon in an exposed brick setting with a one-of-every-income-bracket crowd.

      1. Try East Coast Grill in Inman Sq. in Cambridge or Blue Room at One Kendall Sq. in Cambridge. Both are wonderful. Also try Aquitaine in the South End in Boston (wonderful French food).

        1. If you want something very unique to Boston go to Bomboa. It's French-Brazilian, tons of fun, very "cool" with lots of energy and the food is unbelievable!!!
          It's at 35 Stanhope Street in Boston-Back Bay/South End