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Jul 12, 2000 11:52 AM

Masa & the South End

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My girlfriend--- who, as I wrote in the Bar Code post, works for Food Arts magazine--- is coming up this weekend and, as usual, wants to be treated to the best Boston has to offer. However, this time she does not have any inside information and I am required to come up with the place.

A good friend of mine works the bar at Masa in the South End, where Tremont meets the Pike. She tells me that the food is fantastic and I trust her opinon, but I wanted to know if any chowhounds have had a chance to check this place out.

I wanted to show her the South End, so if you have any other suggestions for the South End, they'd be greatly appriciated.


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  1. Tremont 647 in the South End dishes up really good chow, and they have a nice wine list too.

    1. Are you definitely limiting yourself to the South End? If so, my tops would be Truc. Total love letter of a restaurant. And chic as well. Amanda Laydon's food is country french, but not cliched. Rather, it manages to balance both soul and intellect. Wine list is killer, too. As for Masa, the food is pretty good, but it's nothing special to someone from NY, where the SW thing happenned ten years ago and Bobby Flay has been doing Masa-like food but better for a decade.

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        I didn't realize that the Southwest thing has been done!

        Guess I'll just have to add it to the list of other done cuisines: Italian, Fusion, Thai...all of them are so passe.

        The IN thing is definitely macro-biotic--very year 2000. So I'm off to chow down on some bulgur-wheatgrass paste.



      2. I recently ate at MASA, and it was fantastic. The food was incredible and the staff was wonderful. I had a "Top Ten" meal there, as did my date. She wants to go back as soon as possible. For what its worth, I really think it is an excellent spot. (A little pricey though..!