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Jun 26, 2000 01:33 PM

food near fenway

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aside from Boston Beer Works and El Pelon, does anyone have any other recommendations for the Fenway area?

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  1. A couple of recommendations: Thornton's Grille on Petersborough St. is a great place to sit outdoors and enjoy hamburgers, steak, pasta, etc. A relatively large menu, and they serve great omlettes for breakfast. On the same street (as El Pelon) there are several other restaurants that are rather good-- Sorentos and another Italian restauarant...can't remember the name.

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      Seth Ditchik

      On that stretch of Peterborough you'll find: Sorrento's, a better than decent Italian restaurant; El Pelon, described elsewhere on this board; Rod Dee II, a pretty good Thai place; and Thornton's. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Thornton's--the food that I've had there has ranged from passable to bad, but if you stick with burgers you should be okay. Around the corner on Kilmarnock you'll find the Linwood Grill, which is split into two parts: a nice resturant that serves soul-food and barbeque-inspired dishes, and a dive-bar that hosts an up-and-coming roster of local bands. The restaurant side has a small bar as well, and serves a late-night menu on Fridays and Saturdays until 1am.

      Also in the neighborhood: Buteco, a Brazilian restaurant; and Brown Sugar, a slightly upscale (if not terribly authentic) Thai restaurant, both on Jersey St., and Hidyan Cafe, back on Kilmarnock, a take-out Middle-Eastern sandwich and pita place that inexplicably serves pizza and a million flavors of ice cream as well. The owners are Kurdish, but unfortunately no Kurdish cusine is to be found.