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Jun 19, 2000 01:39 PM

Brasserie Jo

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Have any chowhounds eaten at Brasserie Jo in the Hotel Colonnade recently? Most reviews I've seen are at least a year old. With family (2 adults) coming in from out of town, I was looking for a restaurant in approximately that area and price range. Quite a few of the menu items get good press as does the service. Interested in further comment on the food, and also, the noise level---we would like to be able to have a conversation with dinner.


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  1. I ate at Brasserie Jo slightly less than one year ago and I enjoyed it very much! I had a unique appetizer of beef shank with marrow and scallops. It sounded odd but it was heavenly. I ate early (1730ish) and it was quiet. I recommend it!

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      "I ate early (1730ish)"

      wow, that IS early!

      1. re: steve

        Thanks, Steve. We're going tomorrow at 1830. I'm wearing my best bonnet....

      2. The original comment has been removed