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Jun 13, 2000 07:43 PM


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My husband and I are joining friends for dinner at Clio next week. The July Food & Wine names it as one of three tied for "best" in Boston but that's all I know about it. Plus the fact that it's quite expensive. Anyone have any food recommendations or warnings?

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  1. Clio is one of the city's best (though that poll seemed far off on some others). Ken Oringer, the chef, can make flavors singular, plates beautiful. Service can be spotty. Wine list is great. Strength is in the apps, which are all bright tastes and cross-cultural creativity. Short rib entree is one of the best meat dishes in the city. Be sure to try one of his composed cheese courses, but desserts are otherwise over-rated.

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      Thanks, Rob. I'd looked at a few postings on this site, but none really gave me much detail. I love short ribs but it always seems like a comforting, cold weather dish to me. I'll be interested to see if it's on the menu when we get there.

      1. re: Dena

        Some more details: The signature app (marinated yellotail and yellowfin wit opal basil) is stellar, a Mondrian-like plate with four-on-the-floor flavors. Basically, for apps, the lighter and simpler, the better. There's a honeydew salad now that's killer, nice asparagus soup, foie gras is wonderful. For entrees, the opposite seems to be true. Enjoy...