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Jun 8, 2000 06:46 PM

bagel question

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A friend has recommended Rosenfeld's in Newton for bagels. My friend is aware of my preference for NYC-style bagels vs Boston-style, yet insists Rosenfeld's is worth a try. Is there anyone who's tried 'em and who has also tried NYC bagels who thinks they measure up?

I was in NYC a few weeks ago and brought back three dozen bagels from the Bagel Oasis in Queens. I will be in Queens again in September, but Newton is a lot closer! It's not my intention to start a "Are there any good bagels in Boston?" discussion, I just want to know about Rosenfeld's.

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  1. j
    Justin Kerber

    IMHO, Rosenfeld's bagels are terrific. Yes, I think they measure up.

    Once upon a time, Beacon Kosher had stupendous bagels, but that was long ago. unless they've switched suppliers again...anyone know?


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    1. re: Justin Kerber

      Interesting. I'll have to try out Rosenfeld's. I remember pondering a summer job there when I was in college. The owner dressed like a mafioso, so I didn't take the job.

      Incidentally, does anybody have any info on what happened to Kupel's? When I moved back to Boston in the early 90's, they were fantastic, and, as I was terribly paid at the time (remember the recession?), often bought bags of one dozen day-olds.

      Every time I've tried Kupel's in the last couple of years, though, they have been execrable. What happened?

      1. re: Max Newell
        Justin Kerber

        I feel I should follow up - although I haven't eaten Rosenfeld's bagels for a while, I recently heard some not-so-good things about them. They may have undergone a decline since the last time I had them. Sorry if I gave outdated information.

        1. re: Justin Kerber

          There have definitely been some changes, but most have to do with the process flow in the tiny space they occupy. I've eaten Rosenfeld's at least one weekend out of every two months for the past five years, and I haven't noticed a decline at all. Love 'em!

        2. re: Max Newell
          karen kupel-moursounidis

          Hi there I also was trying to find the Kupel's that once owned the Kupel Bakery I believe they might be relative's of mine should you hear anything. Please contact me. I did hear they had sold the Bakery a few years ago.
          Thanks Karen

      2. s
        Susan Feldman

        This reply comes to you from an ex-New Yorker raised on fresh bagels right out of the oven. Rosenfeld's is the best you're going to get in Boston, and is a very reasonable substitute for a true doughy/crunchy New York bagel. They have all the classic flavors (their everything is quite good) as well as an interesting sunflower bagel as well as some dubious flavors such as blueberry and the seasonal pumpkin. They have also recently added bialys. You can also buy lox, cream cheese, and orange juice to round out Sunday brunch.