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Jun 6, 2000 06:04 PM

Fried Clams

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Being a San Francisco Bay Area resident, food lover and wanting to maximize my brief Boston area visit last week-end, I tried the No Name. At last, a place that really delivers on the hype. The "Chowda" was sublime. I ordered the Fried Clams and both my wife and I who have tried this dish dozens of times felt it was the best we had ever had.

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  1. Good fried clams I've had at restaurants:
    1. Captain Frosty's: Yarmouth; Cape Cod, MA. Cappy's regular fried clams vary from good to superb. One time I stopped by a day or two after there'd been a big storm and no soft clams were available. The enterprising Cap'n acquired some local razor clams and fried 'em up. Nothing before or since has been quite so tasty - except the razor clams I used to eat raw, right on the beach.

    2. Legal Sea Foods: Small, sweet tasty clams that are worth the premium you pay for them.

    3. There used to be a clam shack at the end of a pier in Hull MA, across from the high school. They would give you a plate of the biggest clams you could ever hope to eat - and they were GOOD, too. Haven't been by there in many years.

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      Please--no more references to great fried clams in the Boston area! Every time I'm back there I eat them 'till I can't move. BUT, I'm stuck here in San Francisco and although I can get a variety of clams, no restaurant that I know of serves 'fried clams'. Could somebody PLEASE give me a recipe?? Or the name of a restaurant within 100 miles of San Francisco that serves them? Thanks for your trouble. Joan

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        Ipswich Shellfish Company sells a kit containing freshly shucked soft clams, coating mix (supposedly from the Clam Box, one of Cape Ann's very best clam shacks), a recipe, and accessories. Eighty bucks, including shipping, gets you about two quarts' worth after frying, which is only perhaps 50% more than you'd pay in person in these times of dear clams. I sent some recently to a clam-deprived Texan friend, a former Easterner, and he loved 'em.

        Scroll down after opening the URL below; they're the very last item on the page.



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          It's an active page, so you'll need to click "Clams" in the list on the left side of the page, and then scroll way down.

      2. re: Bruce Smith

        Found your Hull clam shack the other day. It's part of Pemberton Bait & Tackle, at Pemberton Point. It's everything you said it was, and more - they have great fried fish too. You can drive out there or you can take the commuter ferry from Long Wharf in Boston, which lands right at the door.

      3. No Name definitely delivers. Down and out atmosphere makes it all the better. Summer Shack also has some stellar fried clams, though this is the dish that has folks agog over prices -- i.e. the $24 fiee clam platter rallying call. high on the crisp factor. Salty-sweet beauties. Outside the city, it's worth making the trip to Ipswich to -- sometimes get the name wrong -- the Clam Box. Legendary little shack, fried clams are breaded with a mix of pastry flour, cornmeal, and normal flour, the exact kind of baker's approach to ensure something that's crisp and light and still clam beautiful.

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