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Jun 2, 2000 04:05 PM

Pho Vietnam, Chinatown

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I went to Chinatown for lunch today, craving a bowl of Pho Tai. To my disappointment, I found Pho Pasteur to be closed, apparently for good. Luckily, on the next corner there's a new(er) Vietnamese place, called, not very imaginatively, Pho Vietnam. The chicken and noodle soup with basil, sprouts, twist of lime and plenty of hot sauce and Vietnamese barbecue sauce was equally good though. And they make a mean lemonade. The ambience of the place is just not quite as nice. I think the problem is it's too nice: no more jostling elbows with your fellow diners, quieter than the joyous, raucous din of Pho Pasteur. Oh, well. Have a good weekend.

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  1. I had a similar experience last Sunday. Scared off by the dense crowds that seemed to slam ALL chinatown restaurants, I grabbed a bowl of soup at Pho Vietnam.


    I had (on special), their spicy lemongrass soup. The portion was enormous, and wasn't just broth. It was brimming with meat and noodles.

    the prices are standard, the bathrooms are VERY clean (can you imagine? In what used to be Combat Zone ground zero?), and the service is friendly. Definitely worth checking out.

    1. I'm looking for a recipe for homemade Vietnamese Barbecue Sauce. Anyone got one???