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May 31, 2000 01:21 PM

Oishii Sushi

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I had my socks blown off at Oishii Sushi last night in Chestnut Hill. The place is tiny--15 seats--but the food is amazing. We asked for omakase (chef's choice) and were treated to a selection of dishes that were delicious and beautifully prepared. Uni tempura, with dipping sauce. A wonderfully flavored mushroom soup with vegetables in a simple peppery broth. Spicy shrimp atop shiso leaf. Scallop rolls served in a bowl, surrounded by salmon roe and topped with whipped quail egg and caviar. Hamachi tata, a salmon mousse served in a bowl set in crushed ice. We also tried our hands at shako, which looks like a cross between a lobster tail and a shrimp, tastes similar to crab, and is imported from Japan.

The chef was trained at Nobu in New York, and the restaurant is certainly a jewel in the Boston sushi scene, no stranger to high-quality sushi.

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  1. Thanks for the great report, Seth!

    Hyper-expensive or just super-expensive?


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Not-very-expensive; the meal came to $55, before tip.

      1. re: Seth Ditchik
        Justin Kerber

        We tried this place last night - when I went to pick up our order, there was literally a line out the door, a very good sign. Although the miso soup was tasteless and disappointing, the sushi was _very_ good. We had california roll, oshinko (pickled radish) roll, yellowtail-scallion roll, tuna roll, and a very generous salmon ngiri. The whole order came to $23.00, much cheaper than Fugakyu, on Beacon Street, where I'd expect to pay around $35 for the same order, and whose quality has sadly deteriorated.

        Verdict: oishi sushi is reasonably priced and very good.

        P.s. - someone I knew had a theory about the best restaurants always being next to gas stations (Oishii is next to an exxon station). Did I read it here?

        Ciao, hounds.


        1. re: Justin Kerber

          Oishii has opened a second restaurant in Sudbury and it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the metrowest/Boston area. It is as good as Nobu in NYC...
          Friendly fun atmosphere...It is fast becoming very popular.

          1. re: Sonny

            do you have phone # ands address pls?? thx much

          2. re: Justin Kerber

            Where is 612 Hammond St? Is it in the south end on
            the Northeastern U side of mass ave, or
            in chestnut hill as they say on boston sidewalk?