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May 27, 2000 07:15 PM

Moving to Waltham... Where do I eat?

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I'm relocating to Waltham, and I do love good, healthy food. So... from restaurant recommendations to bakeries, delis, markets and import stores, where do I eat?

I've only been to two restaurants in the area. One was the Naked Fish in Waltham, which I did find enjoyable if not perfect. The mixed greens salad was delectable, I agree with the earlier review. The other was the Iguana Cantina for lunch, which was better and more fun than many tex-mex places but didn't quite light my world on fire.

I'd like to familiarize myself with what this town has to offer, but I don't have the patience or budget to pound the pavement and ferret out all of the best places.

So where do I eat?

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  1. You pick the right city if you like to eat. Waltham is definitely the restaurant capital of Metro West.

    Bison County Bbq & Grille 781-642-9720 275 Moody St. Good Buffalo burgers and Sweet Potato Fries. Other grilled items can be spotty.

    Il Capriccio 781-894-2234 888 Main St. Upscale fine dining Italian menu. Food is ALWAYS fabulous.

    Ritcey's Sea Food Kitchen 781-893-9342 560 Moody St. Casual seafood gem. The fish is always fresh and prepared properly. The sides are what make this place stand out. Great chowder.

    Tuscan Grill 781-891-5486 361 Moody St. Considered by many to be Waltham's finest, this tratoria style restaurant, at the direction of Jimmy Burke, has been turning out incredible food for many years.

    Pandorgas 781-647-9270 170 Willow St. Casual inexpensive Ecuadorian food. The soups are great.

    Demos 781-893-8359 146 Lexington St. Greek deli style dining with reasonably good food. A good dining value.

    Dominic's Italian Bakery 781-899-3817 987 Main St. Super good scratch made Italian food to go. Sandwiches made on thin oval shaped bread are a must try. I usually work here on Saturday. Say hello if you stop in.


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    1. re: Paul

      Thanks, Paul! A great response... I will
      definitely say hello when I get a chance.

    2. j
      Justin Kerber

      Don't forget Little India, on Moody Street - I mentioned it in an earlier post. I think this is the best Indian food in the Boston area.


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      1. re: Justin Kerber
        Adam O'Toole

        Thanks! This is very, very encouraging... maybe
        I should look for an apartment in South Waltham.

      2. Loads of choices. Only know the big ones. Il Capriccio is a national-class destination for Jeanne Rogers wine cellar, up there with Valentino in LA for Italian blockbusters, way beyond it for her personal service; plus, rich Baron's rugged, Northern Italian cooking. Carambola is the best of the Elephant Walk groups. Literally, there is barely cooking like that in Cambodia anymore. Campania is one of the most satisfying Italian places in the city. The owner and his sons make everything -- bread, meats, prosciutto in the basement. Direct flavors, lots of roasting and wood-grilling. Also, check out Taqueria Mexico. haevn't been yet (dyingto) but hear it's at least something different, with goat and cow's hoof s and other oddities.

        1. Well, not that it's HEALTHY, but it sure is damn GOOD....see the recent thread on the resurrection of Jake & Earl's BBQ on Moody St. If your arteries can handle it, it's one of the best BBQ joints north of the Mason-Dix (at least it was in its previous incarnation in Cambridge's Inman Square).

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          1. re: mark
            Adam O'Toole

            Ah! That's what's going up down by the bridge;
            I'll check that out when it opens.

            I've also heard good things about Redbones in
            Davis Square.

            Thanks, Adam O.

            1. re: Adam O'Toole
              Seth Ditchik

              Redbones is okay, but there is better BBQ to be had in the Boston area--the Linwood and Blue Ribbon, for starters. Redbones does have great corn pudding, however.