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want something out of the ordinary

Ena May 7, 2000 03:04 PM

I am coming to boston soon and want to have a romantic dinner with fantastic food. I don;t want to end up at a generic resturant but want something that will make the whole night a wonderful experince.

So if anyone has any suggestions let me know!!!


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  1. a
    anisha RE: Ena May 7, 2000 05:50 PM

    Could you be a bit more specific about the kinds of food that you enjoy? And your price range? There are a number of interesting places to eat in Boston that are not typically posted in tour books, so please do give us something more to go on, and I would be happy to offer suggestions!

    1. a
      ak RE: Ena May 9, 2000 04:34 PM

      Without knowing more details about price range, etc., I would recommend The Helmand, an Afghanistani restaurant on First Street in Cambridge (near the Cambridgeside Galleria). It's very yummy, and the decor is pleasing - service can be uneven, but overall the food and atmosphere are great!

      1. s
        Seth Ditchik RE: Ena May 9, 2000 07:54 PM

        If you want a romantic, out-of-the-ordinary dinner, give Cafe Baraka a try. The food is French/Tunisian (emphasis on the Tunisian) and absolutely stellar. It's relatively inexpensive (not cheap, but not terribly pricey, either--entres run $9-16), the lighting is dim, and the seats are close together. There are no reservations, and there are only 20 seats, so you may wait awhile, but it'll be worth it. You'll get extra points for finding a charming, out-of-the-way restaurant which is still relatively central (80 1/2 Pearl Street, Cambridge, near the Central Square T stop on the Red Line). I've included a link to an article from the Boston Phoenix singing this place's praises below.

        Note: if you're interested in the bastille, "the famous many-layered Moroccan pigeon pie", you have to order it 24 hours in advance.

        Link: http://www.bostonphoenix.com/archive/...

        1. j
          Joel Lowden RE: Ena Jul 12, 2000 11:03 AM

          How 'bout Upstairs at the Pudding? It may be more expensive than what you were looking for but the servings are generous and food is wonderful and inventive. Pick a good-weather night and sit out in the garden. It's a truly magical experience out there. I've included a link to their website so you can look at the menu and read about the resaurant.

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