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May 7, 2000 02:08 PM

arghhh! and mi casita

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so first things first...arghh!!! i can't believe that no one has answered my question about breakfast or for that matter any other things that i have posted about recently. and the fact that the brazilian off the mass pike thread went for so long is beyond me!

now, on to breakfast and cheap eats. i had a good mexican breakfast this morning at mi casita on centre street in jamaica plain. for two huevos mexicanos, a scallion cheddar grilled biscuit, and 2 Ojs it ran us about 15 bucks. lots and lots of food, we were given the choice of tortilla (spinach, chipolte, wheat, white), salsa (roja, or chipolte), and beans (black or kidney). the rest of the meal was scrambled eggs and manteco cheese.

try it, it's really good

now get to answering my question about that breakfast!

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  1. Anisha--one of the really unfortunate things in an online community is that sometimes people post good messages (even GREAT messages) that go unreplied to. And while it's human nature to feel ignored (even shunned!), it's really a lot more random than that. Don't take it personally!

    One suggestion for yuh: those who offer lots of advice and thus built up "credit" and relationships are a lot more likely to get queries answered. But even then, we've all got to accept that certain threads randomly catch fire, while others remain randomly unpopular. Again, we beg people to bear in mind that it ain't personal!

    The thing that really breaks my heart is when someone new posts a magnificent three page opus message filled with great tips and interesting writing, and everyone's impressed but nobody thinks to respond. This sends an awful--and false--message to the new poster. And I unfortunately don't have time to thank each good poster...there are sooo many of 'em (thank goodness!).

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      In light of the regulars' use of Hot Posts, it might be interesting to analyze the probability of a message's receiving at least one response as a function of the day of the week and time of day that it's posted.

    2. Here's what you call a cold vague tip, but maybe some of our Bostonians can round it out or nix it. A few years my husband took me to a breakfast spot (muffins, etc) that he had frequented regularly in the early 70s.
      It was a cheery, inexpensive morning place with oodles of dark wood and atmosphere, located down the hill from the state capitol bldg (in the direction away from Beacon Hill). A political hangout/comfortable spot with the lively buzz of handshakes and deals being cut as you ate and read your paper. But hardly a brunch destination and likely dead on the weekend.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        sounds like the fillerbuster

        1. re: mark rifkin

          Or the Pewter Pot, which is long gone.

      2. I'm short on details -- I left Boston years ago -- but Charlie's in the South End is a venerable spot that serves a classic diner-style breakfast. It's on one of the main avenues, though I don't recall which one -- maybe Huntington St? For that matter, I'm not sure it's still there, but I'd bet it is -- it's been around a long time.

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        1. re: Chris E.

          there's a great breakfast spot in union square in somerville called "the neighborhood resturant." HUGE servings.

          1. re: lynn

            It's actually a Portuguese restaurant. Never had dinner there, but I've had brunch there a few times and can confirm that the portions are tremendous. In nice weather you can eat in a covered, outdoor area next to the restaurant; otherwise, it's pretty cramped inside. Most nice weekends there's a wait for a table. Make sure to try the linguica, a Portuguese sausage similar to chorizo.

        2. Breakfast! My favorite meal! I'm so glad you asked!

          There's a diner on Arsenal St. in Watertown that serves a fine good ol' Amurican breakfast. I forget the name, but it's about a half mile out of the Square, in an unprepossessing brick building on your right.

          If you're on the North Shore, try Stephy's Kitchen in Beverly.

          There used to be several decent breakfast joints in Davis Sq., but it seems they've pretty much been pushed out by the upscaling process. Likewise Harvard Sq., sad to say.