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Apr 29, 2000 09:13 PM

good family restautrants??

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My family and I have recently moved here from Chicago and are desperately trying to find some good family places. We have a five year old and an infant, so nothing too fancy, but we'd still like some decent fare! We've been very disappointed in the meat out here(haven't found a good steak yet), and can't seem to find a place with good rolls and soup, appetizers, tasty entrees and homemade desserts (where are the pies people!). We'd like a cozy place with booths that we can make our home away from home. Also a great virgin strawberry daqueri would be fabulous!! We live in Watertown so any ideas would be great!! (Also, we do occasionally leave the kids with sitters, so if you have any nicer adult places, please include them, we especially like Italian, {fresh pasta and marinara sauce Italian} and a Benihana style restaurant{Japenese cook at your table steak house} if your familiar with that) Thanks for the help!

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  1. Jacob Marley's -- in Marblehead -- sounds like the IDEAL place for you. But it is perhaps too far.

    When it was in its original, smaller location (also in Mhead), it was WILDLY popular with the young crowd. Fridays and Saturdays would be SWAMPED with people coming all the way up from Boston.

    They have all kinds of oddball creations -- kinda like a "TGI Friday's" in its infancy -- and were popular with the yuppie crowd for their drink menu -- spiked frappes (milkshakes), mostly.

    With all their popularity, they moved to a bigger spot around the corner. It lost some of the "hip"ness -- and therefore the Boston fratboys -- but is still swamped, mainly by families with kids nowadays.

    I get a headache from all the screaming kids in there on the weekends now -- and the flying crayons -- but the food is still excellent, and you still can't beat an M&M and vodka frappe....

    Not as cosy as the original, but still a "local" feel. Hasn't degenerated into a Chuck E. Cheese yet -- another place that our kids rave about, but much more "chain"-like.

    And, yes, it's still a great date place as well. Just plan to go LATER...or on a WEEKNIGHT.

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      Kass O'Leigh

      Lest anyone even consider going to this place, be forewarned that it's absolutely hideous in every way, and not a bite of food should pass between your lips without a first aid kit close at hand.

      Julie, please stick to the silly froth and inane disinformation you do best. Your restaurant tips are even worse.

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        Julie Id = Jeff Goldman. There CAN'T be two people who get such satisfaction in stating the utterly obvious. And I'm getting alarmed that she has begun to clone herself.

    2. Here are a few places in Watertown you might want to try:

      Demos/64 Mount Auburn St./617 924-9660
      Stellina/47 Main St./924-9475
      Dino's Sea Grille/640 Arsenal St./923-7771
      La Casa de Pedro/51 Main St./923-8026

      Other locations:

      Verrill Farm Stand/11 Wheeler Rd./Concord/978 369-4494
      Morton's of Chicago/1 Exeter Plz./Boston/617 266-5858

      Demos is a Greek deli that serves a pretty good "baked lamb" as well as several other good Deli items. Stellina, a slightly up-scale Italian eatery is know for their "warm tomato salad". Dino's is an OK seafood place and probably worth the visit seeing you live in town. La Casa use to be very casual Venezuelan . Pedro has just finished a major renovation and has replaced the old self-service with white table clothes and a wait staff. The food is still very good, and if you go, do not miss their "Flan". Verrill Farm bakes the best fruit pies in the area. Coming from Chicago, I assume you are familiar with Morton's. The first steak I had there was Fabulous! My subsequent visits have not been as satisfactory. There are several other choices in the area. If you have any other specific questions, please post and I will try to answer. In addition, Waltham has several good places to eat, many of which have been mentioned on this board.