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Apr 28, 2000 10:29 AM

Good Greek Food?

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Having been brought up on Greek food by an Anatolian Greek mother, I still hunt for the match or equivalent to Boston's wonderful Athens Olympia of many years ago. Can anybody give me a lead?

Also, I am intrigued with an entry in May-June 2000 issue of Harvard Magazine(p. 36p):"ASPACIA(864-4745)about a mile north of the Square off Concord Avenue...Chef Christos Tsardounis makes a marvelous beef wellington and a fine rack of lamb with pistachio mousaka and pomegranates. . " Can any chowhound comment before I try it out?

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    Justin Kerber

    My wife Hope and I just got back from a week in Greece and amazingly enough, our favorite Greek restaurant in Boston is not spoiled forever -- though the food in Greece was better.

    Nikos, on Harvard Ave. in Brookline, across from the Mobil Station, just before the Stop & Shop after you cross Coolidge Corner, is a great hole-in-the-wall -- I'm partial to the souvlaki and the roast lamb, and the specials are always good. Best of all is Nikos family -- it feels like you're visiting their home for dinner -- and an Orthodox priest is frequently there -- We might even go tonight to celebrate my 31st birthday. (But isn't Greek Ortho easter this weekend? call to make sure they're open)


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      Steve Drucker

      Niko's is a tiny treasure-12 tables, serviced by Mom, Dad, and Sis. It's Greek food as cooked by a skilled home cook, reasonably priced plus they serve wine/beer and take credit cards.

      Above all, be sure to try the Lentil Soup, which has a tomato-vinegar base. Also the excellent rendition of Skordalia-equal (to taste, if not by weight) parts potato, olive oil, and garlic blended into a paste for dipping.

      The lamb shank braised in a tomato based sauce was fine, and whatever you do don't miss the mashed potatoes.

      Finally, dessert. Kourambiedes (Greek butter cookies with aromatic spices, covered in confectioner's sugar) were very good, as was the mil-fay (think mille feuille), thick layers of pastry cream interspersed with thin layers of homemade pastry.

      Eternal thanks to Kemon Taschioglou for this suggestion--Niko's saved our bacon on a wet snowy night after my aunt's funeral with the whole family ensconced in a hotel less than a mile away amidst the dining desert that surrounds the Longwood Medical Complex in Brookline.

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        Steve Drucker

        Oops! I meant to say thanks to Justin.