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Apr 20, 2000 10:42 AM

Ethiopian / French-Japanese fusion

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Thread on the general board has piqued my curiosity -- whatever became of the Ethiopian place on Mass Av., near the corner of...Huntington (maybe)? 2d floor of a little street mall, I think; about a block away from the Symphony.

We went looking last summer, and someone nearby told us that it had moved to somewhere ON Huntington; in the next breath, however, he said he thought it had shut down out there as well.

Is it still in biz ANYWHERE? If not, any recs on any other Ethiopian places in the area? Gotta try me some of this INJERA that they're all raving about....

Also, while we're there, is the odd French-Japanese fusion place across the street (I *think* it was named Seiyoken, but don't quote me) still there?? I recall it being the fanciest of interiors, linen napkins, and classical music, while facing out into the dumpsters and seedy pool of a neighbouring motel. It was quite the "experience".

Can't recall how the FOOD was, though....

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  1. There are a couple of Ethiopian places in Cambridge. I always go to Asmara on Mass Ave - about a block up from the Center Station stop on the Red Line. From what I can tell, it's pretty authentic. I've never been to Ethiopia, but I lived in Kenya for a while and had an Ethiopian girlfriend who turned me on to the food; it tasted the same. Apparently, there is another Ethiopian place within a block or two of Asmara, but I've never been too motivated to go find it - I'm very happy with Asmara. By the way, I also like the Indian place across the street - Ghandi's, I think it's called.

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      There's an Ethiopian on Inman Square, across from the Deli (is it S&S Deli?-- don't remember). I liked it, but don't have a whole lot to compare it to.

      1. re: Barb. H.

        The best Ethiopian food I have had in the Boston area is at the Mass Cafe, on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston near the intersection of Tremont or Shawmut, at the southern part of the South End. Very small homestyle place, small menu, authentic food (we are always the only Anglos there) and good prices.

        Much better in my opinion than Asmara (in Cambridge) or the Ethiopian place on Tremont in the South End.