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Apr 7, 2000 02:27 PM

Ho Yuen Ting?

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Does anyone know of what became of Ho Yuen Ting (which we affectionately called "Ho's" ) in Chinatown, across from the Ginza sushi place? it seems to have been closed for weeks. Do they have plans to reopen? Is another restaurant opening in the space?

What else is comparable to Ho's in Chinatown?



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  1. Only ate at Ho once or twice. I am not sure of it's current status. In terms of comparable places, I can only suggest some of my favorites. Chau Chow (52 Beach street 617 426-6266) is very good especially for seafood. They also have two sister restaurants Chau Chow City and Grand Chau Chow. I still prefer the original Chau Chow but they are all good. I am also a long time fan of the Golden Gate (66 Beach street 617 426-5022). They are the only place in Chinatown that cooks a "rib roast" every day. You won't see it on the menu but it can be ordered any way you like. With mixed vegetables, on a rice plate etc. Just ask for the "roast beef". They also make very good pan fried noodles as a substitute for rice. I am also told the Hong Kong Eatery (79 Harrison Ave. 617 423-0838) is very good. I have only sampled some of the wonderful duck and pork items they have hanging in their front window. Don't forget to save room for desert from all the great bakeries in the neighborhood. One is directly across the street from Golden Gate.


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      Which of those 3 is the one known for dim sum, Paul? You mentioned "Chau Chow City" in the other thread, but I'd like to confirm that wasn't just a casual reference. I didn't realize there were THREE of them.

      By the way, I sent you a follow-up email on the subject...did you get a chance to have a look? I'm hoping to go this Sunday....

      TIA again!!

      1. re: julie id

        I just ate at Grand Chau Chau last night, and I'm afraid I found the food to be as mediocre as ever. Last time i'll ever go. In my humble opinion the CHau Chaus are some of the most overrated places in CHinatown