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Apr 5, 2000 12:29 AM

Dim Sum suggestions?

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We've always gone to the same place for 20 years -- the famous one dead center in Chinatown, up the little staircase, across from a parking lot. Does anyone know the name??

A review in the Globe last week held that "Chau Chow" is the best. Is this just an overly ambitious reviewer, or has it indeed replaced the grande (or not-so-grande) dame?? I think I've been there for dinner (that's the one with the 2 mirror branches, right?), but not for dim sum.

Also, has anyone tried it at the restaurant which replaced Moon Villa ("Dynasty", I think)?? I notice lots of signs there advertising it.

Lastly, how is the "presentation" at those other 2 (and any others suggested)?? Do they wheel the carts around, or do either of them just run it off a menu. (Taking visitors -- WANT the pageantry) And is it Sunday only, or also Saturday?? Are there *ANY* in Boston doing it on weekdays as well?? [Don't laugh -- I was shocked to see some 24/7 when I first went to San Francisco.]

Thanks for any info/leads. I am toying with the idea of trying someplace new, especially as I have guests coming.

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  1. Golden Palace (across from parking lot) has always been good. I had not been for Dim Sum in about 8 months prior to my visit to Golden Palace two Sundays ago. I would have to say I was a bit disappointed. Not that it was really bad just not as good as it has been. An asian friend recommended Chau Chow City then informed me he went and was not happy. I have not been to Dynasty for years. The "Grand Dame" designation would have to go to China Pearl. I tried it a few times but liked Golden Palace better. Not sure about the presentation at Chau Chow City. Golden Palace, China Pearl and Dynasty use carts as far as I know. Dim Sum off the menu is really not Dim Sum IMHO. I think you can get it 7 days a week in Chinatown. The varity is considerably less on the weekdays.


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      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

      I can't think of which one is China Pearl offhand (as must have been obvious in my description of Golden Palace, I know most of these places by location...and I've been out of the city for 15 years to boot [i.e. "Moon Villa" instead of "Dynasty"]). But you have done an excellent job of clarifying 5 different places, and, more importantly, putting a name to Golden Palace.

      M'goi sai!!!!

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        Chris Salthouse

        Chow Chau City does the same traditional cart presentation as the others. I have had a variety of food and service experiences at all of the places mentioned. As always with Dim Sum, it is best to go with a large group.

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          Unfortunately Golden Palace has closed down or moved. I haven't yet found a place as good as it but maybe Chow Chau will live up to my "expectations".