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Mar 10, 2000 08:35 PM


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I've mentioned this place in other posts so I will be brief. This casual fish eatery is a real "Jewel". Just got back from dinner. Had a cup of chowder…… which did need seasoning. Broiled Bluefish with French fries (fresh) and onion rings. Side of coleslaw, which some may say is under-dressed, but I think is perfect. I say their fish is as good…and their sides are far better than anybody in these parts. Check it out for yourself and let me know. Be advised there is no waiting area….. so if you go on a Friday night in Lent you may have to stand in the door.

560 Moody Street


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  1. I've made it to Ritcey's, but it took some perseverance. Showed up at 8:45pm on a Tuesday night, they were shuttered. Called the next day to find out they close at 8pm early in the week, 9pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. A couple of weeks later tried on a Monday night, I'd failed to register that they close on Monday nights. Have made it before closing twice since then. Outstanding fish. Excellent coleslaw if you like the fresh taste, not too much mayo or vinegar (I do). Onion rings are okay, I probably prefer the onion straws at Legal seafood. I'll be back.

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      Glad you finally made it. Have you had the french fries yet? Fresh cut and very good. Also, don't miss the chowders.