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Mar 10, 2000 04:39 PM

Farme Grill..Newton

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Went to the FARM GRILL…. 40 Needham St. Newton 617 964-7766 ….today for lunch.. They have both Chicken and Lamb Gyros. These are the real deal… not the typical processed meat product that looks like and inverted flowerpot. Sammy takes thin pieces of lamb and chicken…..manirates them and skewers them for the vertical roaster. Sandwiches are made with the traditional garnish of onions… peppers… and a cucumber yogurt sauce. They are served with a small Greek salad. I also had a side order of string beans. These are the best Greek deli string beans I have ever had. They are cut into small pieces and cooked with lemon, garlic, tomato, and mint. We finished with "Galaktobouriko"…… a desert which is shaped like a small jellyroll…. Light flaky filo dough with a custard filling and drizzled with the characteristic honey sauce. We ordered "one" and split it….. I could have eaten "three". The grill is easy to get to from RT# 128/95. Check it out for lunch or dinner. They also have and extensive selection of grilled meats, salads, hot side dishes and the Baked Lamb is awesome. Ask for Sammy and tell him you are a Chowhound. I told him to expect you.


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  1. Many thanks. W've passed by lots of times on way to local bookstore, but hadn't ever gone in. WE did today. The gyros- chicken but especially lamb- are outstanding, and the galakbouiko with real -?cinnamon touched? - whipped cream was wonderful. And the place is so welcoming.

    P.S. Can anyone recommend summer restaurants in /near Chatham MA ?

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      Glad you enjoyed it. Don't forget to try the string beans if you visit again. Ask to speak to Sammy and tell him you are a Chowhound sent by Paul. Let me know if this happens so I can remind him to send my check:-)