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Mar 8, 2000 01:07 PM

Great Russian Food

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I ate at a place called the "Mirrage" in Revere and had quite an experience. If you've got a group of at least 8 to 16 people, one who speaks Russian preferably, check this place out. You'll be the only non Russian born people there... The food and the atmosphere is very authentic!

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  1. Why does one need to be with so many people to eat at this place? What did you have to eat? Is there an English menu?

    There are Russian restaurants in Brighton and Brookline. Thus far nobody has reported on any of them. I have been to the Russian delis over that way. Good stuff and not expensive.(Unless you want to buy a nuclear weapon) :-)

    Thanks for the report!


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      Addressing parts of your message in inverse order:

      "There are Russian restaurants in Brighton and Brookline."

      I assume that is of a Brighton, Mass. that you speak. Interestingly enough, New York City's Russian community is concentrated in Brighton (Beach, in the borough of... Brooklyn).

      "Why does one need to be with so many people to eat at this place?"

      Russian restaurants frequently serve a "banquet" consisting of a dozen or so small dishes and perhaps four larger ones, plus desserts and vodka, really a buffet placed directly on your table. It takes a fairly large party to make this practical, though some of the Brighton (NYC) places will serve as few as four or five people.

      For a bit more info, I'm attaching a link to my paraphrasing of a Russian friend's review of a place in New Jersey.


    2. The best part of "Mirrage" in Revere is the door. Everything else is pretty bad, from location to the food to smoke and noise. The food is OK as russian food goes (banquet style). You do need a sizable group - true.
      Boston area has more Russian food resaurants:
      St. Petersbourg in Brookline village - tiny place, very pretensious, the food is not the best by russian standards but ok
      Odessa in Dedham (you can see it from Rt.1 South) - it is also banquet style - I think it is better then Mirage.
      Another one is on Beacon street in Brookile, above Russian Village deli in Washington Square, they have a lot of private parties - call ahead. This place is better then the others. The deli is good too - they have plenty of prepared foods...