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Mar 6, 2000 08:46 AM

opinions on naked fish restuarant

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went to naked fish restaurant this weekend. i want to know other's opinions before i post mine, at the risk of sounding hyper-negative.

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  1. I've been a few times. The "Wood Fired" grills add another dimension to the food. I am encouraged to see this as a trend in new restaurants. My first visit in Shrewsbury was impressive except for the appetizer. The long list of available sides were a pleasant surprise. My other visits have been to the Waltham store. They always seem to get one thing wrong. These have included overcooked fish and under seasoned food. Service has been adequate ….certainly not outstanding. The meals have not been bad enough to warrant a no return policy. I would give it about 7 1/2 to 8.


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      I tend to agree with Paul. My experiences have all been with the Waltham restaurant, as it is directly across from the hotel I stay at and the idea of not having to drive "home" after dinner is seductive. On the negative side, they are overcrowded, noisy, and tend to char the outside of the fish, although the flesh itself has not been overcooked (the broiled lobster, however, was). If you are not there by 6pm, there will be a wait, although I've gotten space for one in the smoking area when I don't feel like waiting. Fortunately there wasn't much smoke to contend with since it is a big barny place. And it suffers from the usual problems of a place riding the crest of being "in" with a crowd more interested in themselves than the food & service.
      On the good side, I really like the idea of broiled fresh fish with just olive oil and lemon juice ("naked"). I like getting two choices from the long list of sides including grilled asparagus and grilled string beans. Their cold snap pea salad is much too oily, needs better draining before being plated. Mashed potatoes are good. The grilled mushroom/onion combination was not my favorite. One superior item is their wild green salad for $2.00 extra. It is just a large bowl of perfectly fresh assorted wild greens, perfectly dressed with a vinaigrette. Outstanding each time I've had it.
      An excellent special the other night was plantain encrusted red snapper. Not so successful a couple weeks ago was the marlin, but my husband, who likes very firm textured fish, would probably have voted for it. I'll probably keep going there, but I'm going to try Ritcey's in Waltham first.