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Mar 2, 2000 04:17 PM

Mexican - Coyote Café?

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This is billed a Southwestern style place at 1 Kendall Place in Cambridge -a few blocks up Broadway from the Kendal T stop. 225-0888. The Coyote is part of a complex which includes Sammy's and the Blue Room. The chef/part owner is Kevin Kieley -who owned and chefed at Porcini's in Watertown. They cook on a wood fired grill and do a house made ancho-green chilli mole sauce that sounds interesting. I haven't been yet -has anyone eaten at the Coyote? Report? The Coyote does lunch as well as dinner.

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  1. Is this the same Coyote Cafe of Santa Fe fame? As I recall it was something that was more interested in being shi-shi than authentic. But I could be totally off on this one-- maybe it's not even the same one.