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Mar 2, 2000 03:48 PM

Jewish - Manhattan Sammy's Deli

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This is a fun place - especially when you can sit outside and enjoy your food on the patio in this attractive little square. It's at 1 Kendal Place off Broadway in Cambridge. 617/252-0044 The hours are 3 AM to 6 PM. The plates and sandwiches are good examples of NY Jewish style deli food with some of the specialties that make this cuisine unique. The serving is cafeteria style. Prices are under $10. If you go to Sammy's tell us what you find.

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  1. why does boston have such an identity complex when it comes to emulating things from new york? sammy's deli...just the name makes me cringe. the best jewish restaurant EVER is in the lower east side of manhattan...called sammy's roumanian. awesome stakes complete with shmaltz, egg cream sodas, accordian players while you eat, constant dull roar. it's just a bummer when people try to pass stuff off as original.

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      Have you eaten at Manhattan Sammy's Deli in Cambridge?

      I was devoted to the Jewish Dairy Restaurants when I lived on and off in NYC. Many of them have dissapeared as the industries that supported them slowly faded away or the ethnic make-up of the neighborhoods changed.

      The Carnegie Deli is still a benchmark for good sandwiches. The Carnegie's "Fresser's Delight" is an amazing and challeging work of art. This Cambridge Sammy's is nowhere near that good :-)

      There is no concentration of ethnic Jews in that area behind MIT and Kendal. One would expect better Jewish food in Brookline. It would be nice if people who like this cuisine would tell us about their adventures seeking it out in Greater Boston.

      I have been to the Sabra and found it to be just fair.