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Mar 1, 2000 02:41 PM

diner breakfast?

  • j

I have long been seeking in Boston a good Saturday morning diner breakfast. Ideally, this would be a slightly "enlightened" diner along the lines of the old American Diner in West Philly or Bright Foods in Chelsea. Somewhat beyond two scrambled eggs and toasted white bread but not too pretentious. Any ideas out there? Cambridge/Somerville area is best, but for the right stack of pancakes, I am willing to travel.

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  1. s
    stephen kaye

    in watertown, just yards from the main (rt #16) circle, is a place called the new york diner. I think you'll be happy, ts next door to a donut shop.

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      Charlies in the South End (Columbus) closes at 1 0r 2 pm

    2. Jennifer -- The Rosebud Diner at 381 Sunner St -just down from Davis Square in Somerville is a good choice - they open daily at 8 AM and go 'till 11:30 PM. Their food is good -lots of daily specials -and hearty breakfasts in an old diner setting. Call 666-6015 and ask for "The Beast" (just joking). Try to sit up front by the counter --so you can run when the 666 Beast comes out of the kitchen with your smoking pancakes. Remember what happened to Rosebud!

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        Dunno about breakfast, but a recent dinner at Rosebud was terrible. Fish & Chips clearly had been pre-frozen. The fish was foul and dry. A garden salad with "vinaigrette" was drowning in vinegar with no sign of oil. Steak fries were also dry, cold, and nearly inedible. Only the buffalo wings were ok.